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Guillermo Salvat and Silvia Grynt started dancing together in 2001 when they joint the cast of the show "Una Noche de Tango" in Buenos Aires. Since then they have performed and taught worldwide, in the five continents and over 25 countries: from Australia to Europe, Southafrica and the entire American continent. With an international experience in teaching, it outstands their participation in some important international festivals, like the "4to Encuentro Internacional de Tango Argentino" in Rome, the "U.S.T.C. Tango Fantasy" in Miami in 2004, 2006, 2007, 2008, and the Boston and New York festivals.
They have been part of prestigious companies such as TangoX2 and Solo Tango, and they have participated in many shows like "Estampas Porteñas", "Magia de Tango", "Piazzolla Puro", "Soñando Tangos", "Tango & Fire", "Esquina Carlos Gardel" and "Rojo Tango", performing in the most important stages of Buenos Aires and all over the world, like the Sydney Opera House and the Kremlin Palace's Theatre in Moscow, among many others.
In 2006 they created the company Tango-a-Tierra, releasing the show TANGO-A-TIERRA in Buenos Aires. Since then they have presented their show in 24 cities around the world, with great success of public and critics.
They are appreciated for their technical and precise teaching, as well for their unique performing style.







Enriqueta has danced tango for over 15 years. She presently teaches group and private classes in Buenos Aires. The classes are for both men and women. She is an expert in Salon Tango - Milonguero Style, Tango Waltz and Milonga. Enriqueta also specializes in teaching technique for women and has led many courses and seminars. She performed at the Third and Fifth Metropolitan Championships in Buenos Aires. She has done a number of performances in Buenos Aires including at Salon Canning, Cachirulo (Maipu 444), and at the Confiteria Ideal at the First Milongueando Festival in Buenos Aires. She presently teaches group and private lessons in Buenos Aires. Enriqueta has taught and performed in the U.S in San Diego, Iowa, Chicago, San Francisco, Dallas and Seattle; in Canada in Calgary, Edmonton, Saskatoon, and Toronto; and in Europe in Germany She has also taught and performed at the following Tango Festivals: 2008 May Madness at the University of Michigan in Ann Arbor; the 2009 Portland Tango Festival; 2009 Tucson Tango Festival; 2009 Chicago Mini Tango Festival; and 2010 May Madness. Enriqueta also speaks English, having lived for several years in New York City. Enriqueta is also an artist by profession.

Enriqueta has previously toured the United States with milongueros such as Ruben Harymbat (Ruben de Pompeya) and Nestor La Vitola. She is delighted to be working with Blas Catrenau, the champion of the 4th Metropolitan Championship in Buenos Aires.

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Osvaldo Natucci was born in 1940 in Florida, a mostly residential neighborhood of the Vicente López Partido in the northern suburbs of Gran Buenos Aires, Argentina. His father was a bus driver who came from Italy and his mother was Argentinian and a house wife. It was the era when parents could dream of their children going to the university. Their dreams were met; Osvaldo and his two brothers are all university graduates with Osvaldo being a mechanical engineer.

Osvaldo came from a generation where to be a “buen Portenio” (good Portenio) you needed to meet two mandates: to play soccer and dance tango well. That was how he developed his passion for the music and the dance.

Osvaldo Natucci is one of the most reknown djs in the world. For years he was the musical coordinator and dj at the historic milonga El Beso, one of the most prestigious milongas in Buenos Aires. Osvaldo Natucci has listened to tango from the age of five.

For ten years consecutive years he was the official dj of the Tango Festival organized by the Government of the City of Buenos Aires.

It is his tandas with which competitors are using to vy for the Metropolitan Championship and World Championship of Tango in Buenos Aires. It is his belief that a good dj should be a good dancer, and a frequent visitor to milongas.

Osvaldo Natucci has also devoted time to teaching. He has held several seminars on musicality for tango dancers and djs, and has trained many djs who are in high demand in the milongas of Buenos Aires.




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Oscar Casas and Ana Miguel


Oscar, a native of Buenos Aires, has been immersed in tango since birth.  His father was a milonguero who organized Milongas in Parque Patricios, a barrio in Buenos Aires.  He is a well-known figure in the Milongas there and his distinctive style is admired by other milongueros.  Oscar is a gifted teacher who has taught workshops and private lessons in Buenos Aires, Canada, Europe, and in many U.S. cities.   Studying with Oscar is intense but fun because of his unique approach to teaching and his charismatic personality.


Ana Miguel grew up in Almagro, a neighborhood in Buenos Aires, in a family of bandoneon players so tango is in her blood.  She studied tango and dance, has taught tango for many years and performed in several tango shows, including the prestigious "Esquina Carlos Gardel" in Abasto.  Her current position is teaching tango with Oscar Casas.


Oscar's and Ana's dancing and teaching incorporate some concepts of many styles of dance but they still remain true to the principles of the "Old Guard".  Their milonguero dancing style is fun and fresh.